Friday, June 23, 2017

Map and Story Block 2

Good evening everyone,

Continuing our series developing a world a 5 mile square block at a time, we bring you:

Block 2

Scale: 1 square = 1/2 mile

Further south the Sparkling River runs adjacent to a forest known as the Gnutty Forest. It is named for one Alfred Gnutty who used to roam the forest handing out random nuts to travelers along the way. Those who refused to take one of these kindly offered nuts would receive a pelting of said nuts for a good few minutes.  Anyway, back to Gnutty forest, which does have a variety of nut trees in it.  There is also a species of willow tree that runs along the bank of the Sparkling River.  During a recent rain, one of these willow trees now has mostly fallen into the river revealing a crypt that was hidden underneath it.  No one knows how old the crypt is; but I hear that the Mayor of Westshire, along with some other dignitaries, are offering 50 gp for any adventurer brave enough to explore it.

Next Block: Continuing along the Sparkling River.

Text (c) 2017 Heleen Durston and map (c) 2017 Andrew Durston

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