Sunday, May 1, 2016

For the next few months ..

As announced today in the monthly ICE newsletter Heleen and I will be creating a three part adventure (tentatively titled "The Trail of the Corrupt") inspired by a recent ICE blog post.

We'll be busy over the next 3-4 months putting our spin on the three ideas with a (we think) nifty thread that connects them all together. I'll also get a chance to draw some micro-maps for encounters, a regional map and a several setting maps. Heleen will work her magic to summon all sorts of notable NPCs. Our plan is to provide hooks for both Shadow World and Cyradon.

Also of note, in the news letter, mention made of our prior (yet to be published) ICE module - "Enya Lote: Terrances of the Dead" - set in Cyradon and pending the reissue of the setting (pending I believe the re-issue of HARP?). We're looking forward to see how Enya Lote turns out. The story has a long history, with the module itself completed a time ago.


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