Monday, June 9, 2014

Micro Map Monday 6-9-2014

Beginning a new series of 4 maps:

The Last Source ( #micromapmonday #strangebrew )

In a world where the magic of man, demon, undead and elemental has polluted the natural essence of the land, nature has called its followers to gather at one of the last sources of pure earth magic. The witches and warlocks, of the Pure Waters coven, have accepted the charge to keep the pool and surrounding landscape clean and verdant, weaving spells and wards to conceal and hide the site from prying eyes and wandering foes.

Part 1 - Entryway - The path to the Last Source winds through deep dense forest, strewn with magical misdirection, concealment and physical traps. At the end of a narrow defile, the path opens into the clearing surrounding the Source. A tower overlooks the path, sworn companions and bound grunts constantly watch from the upper levels. On a slight rise to the south is a large square building that serves as the meeting and feasting hall of the Coven. In times of battle, heavy shutters and thick walls make it their refuge of last resort.

Scale - 1 square = 5 ft.

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