Saturday, September 10, 2011

Orchunters: Gwen Alsace

** Continuing the Orchunter's series **

Age: 26  Eyes:  Lt. Brown Hair: Long sandy brown  Wt: 220  Build: Tall, stocky  Height:  6'4"  Race/Sex: High Man/F Skin:  Pale, ruddy  Demeanor: Careful, proud  Dress:  MetalCuirass or Grey Tunic  True Attitude: Caring  Home:  Hills of Miritius in the far north.
Gwen has traveled to the south to learn healing crafts to be able to help her clan at home.  A youngest child, whose mother died in birth, she was blamed for her mother's death.  Gwen has always strived to make up for that loss.  She tirelessly works to make sure everyone in the group is healthy and alive. She wears an enameled and engraved cuirass over a blousy tunic, grey pants and leather shoes.
Hits: 76  Melee: 27 Polearm  Missile: N/A  AT(DB): 17(23)  SH:  N  GR: N  MovM: -12  Lvl:
5  Profession: Lay Healer   Stats:  ST:  45/10, QU:  99/18, PR: 101/40, EM: 84/23, IN: 62/16 CO: 92/22, AG: 98/16, SD: 101/30, ME: 67/2, RE: 47/0 Will: 94,  APP: 108,  PP: 18
Perception: 68, First Aid: 82,  Second Aid: 78, Diagnostics: 68, Herb Lore: 51, Attune: 55, Riding: 25, MIA Plate: 78, Polearm: 27, Adr Speed: 55,  Medit: 80, Scrounge: 18,  Forage: 14, Directed Spell: 41, Magic Ritual(Druidical): 16, Runes: 30
SPELLS:  Base Spell OB: 45, Directed Spell OB: 41 (Shock Bolt) Muscle Mastery(10), Concussion Mastery(10), Bone Mastery(10), Nerve &Organ Mastery(10), Attack Avoidance(10), Speed(10), Blood Mastery(10), Brilliance(10)
SPECIAL ABILITIES: +15 to RE, EM, IN bonuses, Half Cost Armor Dev.
• +5 Magical AT17 Metal breastplate, ornately enameled and engraved
• Pike:  +5 Magical Polearm
• Scrolls: 2 Sheets Runepaper with Repel Undead V inscribed
Herbs: A variety including Arfandas(7), Aloe(4), Akbutege(8),  Draaf(4), Arnuminas(13), Reuk(11), Ferbas(4), Vinuk(9), Hugar(4), and Yavethalion(1)

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