Sunday, January 17, 2016

The North Watch: Chapter Five Preview - The Anchor

A preview of chapter five of my #Southlands sandbox (on my blog - Chapter One) this #micromapoftheweek is another snapshot of the #narumbekigap

Climbing the Mountains: The Anchor

The Masar A'Nar jinnborn maintain their self-imposed guardianship of the Fassili mountain range for tribe's siraati deems the land to be sacred ground. (See chapter five) The elders (priests and seers alike) believe their Jinn is bound, trapped or tied to this smoky grumbling volcanic range in some fashion.

Explorers, jinnborn or otherwise, have searched the peaks of Fassili and have discovered unusual magical places such as this one, known as the murasa (anchor). After driving off all others, and cloaking the site from normal view, over the years the jinnborn have carefully excavated a hollow in the flank of a mountain.

At the bottom they have found a wide stone platform, adorned with mysterious (Ankeshelian?) runes above the heat of the earth below. The jinnborn believe it is either a ward or seal but frankly they are not quite sure whether it is to keep something in, nearby or out. At this time they do not have the means and some don't have the will to divine or test the nature of this ancient stone-like structure.

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