Sunday, July 19, 2015

Micro Map of the Week 7-19-2015

For our #micromapoftheweek theme of #magepunk

Stretches of the prairie remain rugged and tumbled, not suitable for farming or grazing. To the north a weak Ley Line (<- to -> and beyond) gives rise to a low ridge of short trees and scrub brush several miles long. Nearby an old shed stands next to a dirt trail.

Those who have the power and will to oppose the Great Empire are secretly given a simple instruction:  Create the scene in your mind, placing your back to the stump and facing the shed. Teleport once to a point midway between the two. Then teleport again directly down 31.415 feet, no more no less.

Success brings you to the headquarters of the Alliance of Rebel Mages (ARM), an underground complex concealed by layers of magic and anti-magic, powered by the nearby Ley Line. In these awful times, failure is not an option.

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